What is a Chat Bot?

This is the name given to that software capable of simulating client-agent conversation using a natural language.

In order to produce this type of interaction, Chatbots use a very large database of predefined phrases and Artificial Intelligence to interpret what should be used in each situation.

Another of the most important features of these bots is that they are able to learn over time and use, what makes the tool become more and more powerful while the strategy is kept.


They are a great bet in many eCommerce and corporate sites. Thanks to them, on their own or in collaboration with a team of human agents, this technology allows us to be available 24 hours and with a virtually unlimited number of converging support.

Productivity rises to unimaginable heights when talking of people because bots can assist many more users at the same time than an agent.

On the contrary, it must be said that the support is not the same. Robots lack empathy and intuition that, ideally, should be monitored and complemented by human action.

Although they are not good sales agents they are great for small routine tasks such as managing an order, answer simple questions and even generate engagement with the user through games and other communications.

There are many commercial solutions on the market that can be easily integrated with an eCommerce. However, we must not forget about social networks.
Facebook takes months betting high on chatbots in messenger, and with the arrival of Whatsapp for business it seems that we are going to live a new wave of robots in our day to day.

Stay tuned because the advances in this technology are greater every day. Artificial Intelligence is getting that the interaction is so smooth and the cost so reasonable that more and more small and medium-sized companies can access this service.

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